“Picture Yourself Confidently Playing Gypsy Jazz Guitar In Front Of An Audience
Jamming Together With A Group
And Having A Blast”

Robin and Kevin
“Now See That Vision Become Reality
Starting Right Now. Today...

Begin Your Adventure Into The Passionate And Thrilling World Of Gypsy Jazz Guitar Today With This Fun And Fast (And Free!) Crash-Course In Playing
One Of The Great Django Reinhardt Tunes - “Swing de Paris”

Hey - Robin Nolan here,

       Listen to me. I know your busy. I can relate.

       So let's get straight down to business. You want to learn to play gypsy jazz guitar, and I can help you get started right now...today. Learning this music is within your reach and it can happen much faster than you've thought possible.

      The secret key to speedy success is to NOT get bogged down with technical jargon and musical theory. I want to get you playing straight away.  To do that, I've put together a very cool mini-course that focuses on a single song - the great Django Reinhardt tune "Swing de Paris".

      And here's what's even cooler.
      Today I want to give you this $29.95 value package for FREE so that you can start to experience the joy of playing this music and help me share it with others.

      If your serious about playing gypsy jazz guitar, then you need to check this out right now.

Why Am I Giving This Away For FREE?

       Fair question. Here's the deal. I love playing and teaching gypsy jazz guitar, and helping new players join the scene. I want to show you that you can indeed learn this music quickly and that you don’t have to wait till “some day” to get started. I’d love for you to start playing this music and help me spread the word.

       I’ve also got my own "secret" motive for giving this great stuff away for free. I want you to be my next teaching success story. If you take what I give you and use it, today, then you WILL be playing “Swing de Paris”.

     I'll be counting on you to send me your feedback on the course and describe your experience so I can share your story with others. I'll also use your suggestions to improve and expand the course.

     So I'll help you with your playing and then you can help me spread the word. Deal?

This Is NOT For Everyone

       Look. Life is short and we’ve got to make the most of the time we’ve got on this crazy planet. I’m only interested in working and hanging with people who are passionate about life and are ready to take action. If you’re not really, truly serious about learning gypsy jazz guitar then please, don’t sign up. Or wait until you are serious and then come back.

       I’ve put a lot of time and energy into creating this valuable package and I don’t want it to go to waste on anyone who isn’t going to use it right away. If your not ready to take action and start playing today, save the spot for someone else.

       My approach to teaching gypsy jazz guitar is all about fast action to get you playing now. You don’t need to learn anything complicated or have any previous knowledge to get started. All you need is your guitar and your passion for this music. I’ll get you the rest.

Check Out This Quick Tip Right Now
To See How Easy It Really Is To Get Started

       Hey, this is not brain surgery, right? Just put your fingers on the guitar and start playing.

Here's What You Get In This
Free "Swing de Paris" Online Mini-Course

#1: The Chord Changes and Tablature (Downloadable PDF)

       The heart of the package is the downloadable “Swing de Paris” Chord Changes and Guitar Tablature showing you graphically exactly where to put your fingers to get going with this tune. This uses the exact same format I’ve used successfully for years in my best selling Gypsy Jazz Song Book series. You’ll get it now here for free.

#2: Video Demonstration

       It's always easier to learn when you can see someone else doing it first. I created a short video especially for this package to show you how to get around the “tricky” part of this tune. Watch this a few times to really get the “hook” of this song.

      I'll be adding more videos to answer your questions as I recieve comments and feedback on the course.

#3: "Swing de Paris" Play-Along MP3

       Many students tell me this is the most valuable part of the package to help internalize the tune. Practice while listening to this recording and it's like playing with me and my band. We'll set the tempo and lay down the foundation for you to practice your rhythm and try out solo ideas.

#4: "Swing de Paris" Studio Recording

       I'm throwing in a recording I did of “Swing de Paris”on my CD “Travels” back in 2004. Use this as a great starting point to see what my take on the tune is as you develop your own along the way.

#5: Me - Checking In With You And Helping Along The Way

       Like I said before, I want you to be one of my teaching success stories. I'm committed to helping you succeed. Over the next few days I'll be sending you useful tips to help you apply all the parts of the "Swing de Paris" package. You can start playing this tune almost immedietly, but if you follow my tips and practice a few minutes each day, by the end of the week you'll really have it down and be ready for more.

      Remeber - I'm counting on you to share your experience with me so I can continue to improve the course and help others learn as well.

       Look, this is a sweet little package that I could easily charge thirty bucks for if I wanted. But I want you to have it for free so you can start playing today, tell me of your success story, and carry on learning more tunes and expanding your repertoire. This is just the beginning.

Be Like Mike

       Mike's a mate of mine in Amsterdam. He learned to play gypsy jazz guitar by using my Gypsy Jazz Songbooks and within a couple of months he was playing with a band and getting gigs. He's been a part of the scene in Amsterdam ever since.

       I'm happy to say that Mike's story is fairly typical. People who love this music and want to learn gypsy jazz guitar have great results using my books. Now with this "Swing de Paris" package, you'll get a big taste of this system yourself for free.

Your Next Step Is Simple

       Now's the time to start making that vision of yourself gypsy jamming on stage with a band of your own a reality. I'll help you make it happen.

      But remember - In exchange for me helping you out, I'm going to expect some feedback from you on how you liked this program and to hear about your success story.

      Fill in your name and email below and I'll get you set up straight away. Come on and let's get this show on the road.              


See you on the road ,
Robin Nolan

P.S. With this program, you can be playing "Swing de Paris" TODAY. Seriously. You don't need any special skills or previous experience.

P.S. I’m REALLY looking forward to sharing this with you. I've put a lot into this program and I’m very proud of it. The feedback so far has been awesome and I know your going to enjoy it. Check out some of the comments below.

Read What Others Are Saying
About My "Swing de Paris" Mini-Course ...

"I've recently studied the "Swing de Paris" mini course and found it incredibly useful. The instructional material presented was very clear and I found myself able to jam along, playing the head and the chords, in under ten minutes. You seem genuinely enthusiastic about your method and now that I have seen the results I can safely say that I am too!"

Glen Baker, United Kingdom

"...after learning the tune from you, I can pick apart a lot more licks and riffs on my own. Your method of teaching with video and mp3 is amazing, thank you for opening the door to Django’s music for me!!!! Sincerely, Joey..."

Joe Espinoza, United States

"I got the first RN book in 2002 October. Now it is 2009 and I am a solo player of the Hot Club of Hungary, we have 2 CDs, and 2008 May I did what Robin recommended in the first book! I quit my daily job! :) Now, I am professional musician! I can not thank you enough to make my dream comes true Robin! God bless you and your family! Ákos"

Ákos Tóth, Hungary

"I have had great results from studying the materials, videos, and MP3s. More than any other player, Robin has influenced my playing because he demonstrates his assimilation and mastery of multiple genres and is continually evolving. The teaching materials are Number One! I'm at a loss to know how they could be improved!"

Stuart Munro, Canada

"Robin and his materials have been a big part of my gypsy jazz study and development as a guitar player. I am currently leading a band in Colorado and have six gigs booked for January 2009 - and have dates thru June. Besides his course materials, having had a chance to meet him and get to know him a little at Django in June 2008 was a fantastic and motivating experience for me. ~Markos - The Cottonwood Club"

Mark Mortensen, United States

"The great thing is, you start playing a complete piece straight away, Swing de Paris ... and it is presented in a very clear understandable way, no theory psychobabble to intimidate and confuse you. And the videos are the perfect way to see the connection between what you hear and what you see being played."

Paul Mitchell, Scotland

"No bullshit, straight to the music. Thank you for your help. I'm ready for the next tune please"

Eddie Rosicky, United States

"A quickstart in learning gypsy guitar tunes by heart. It helps you to learn by playing instead of learn by reading from books."

Adriaan Wagenaar, Netherlands

"When I look at the combination of tools you provide -- video, mp3, changes in pdf, and follow-up e-mails -- I am motivated and confidant about learning to play gypsy jazz guitar. And I want to get out there and jam with other local players. It's the next best thing to one on one lessons with a trusted teacher...and far more affordable."

Terry Petty, United States

"I really enjoyed your "mini-video", it helped a great deal to get the sweep down, which I know Django used a lot and the rest of the hook as well. "

Martha Mohr, United States

"Truly, if it were not for your books AND CD's, I would not be playing Gypsy Jazz Guitar or any other Guitar other than First position , self taught Chord accompaniment. Same goes for my wife!"

Dennis Blasdell, United States

"The greatest thing is to have the Play-along MP3 to play with. You get the feel of actually playing with a group."

Chuck Buchanan, United States

"I have been able to learn many of the songs from your gig book and course books by myself and after about 1 year of practicing on my own, I started playing these songs with a piano player and we now are playing out around the area we live in as a small swing duo. Thanks a lot for your straightforward approach to learning the songs. I feel that that having one page for the correct chord voicing and another for the basic melody in tab have been invaluable for quickly learning these songs."

Dwaine Majkrzak, United States

"Excellent free lesson and material which should be accessible to most: I got it down quite quickly - love the sweep arp!"

Bill Williams , Portugal

"Hi Robin, I've been playing guitar for 20+ years and gypsy jazz for a few. When I started to play gypsy style guitar, your books and CDs were invaluable as an introduction to the style. I have since attended a couple of your workshops, and they are great. I congratulate you on your continued development of teaching materials! I wish you nothing but success as a musician and an educator."

Brian Grossman, United States

"My results on using the "Swing de Paris" mini-course have been good. In one week I went from playing single note "twinkle twinkle little star" to Swing de Paris"

Gene Turcotte, Canada

"As a beginner with only one month experience in playing gypsy jazz guitar I found the lesson materials of Robin extremely helpful. The combination of a studio recording, a pdf-file with chord changes, a video demonstration of the hard parts and a play-along MP3 made me play along with a song like "Swing de Paris" within an hour!"

Frank Pol , Netherlands

"I learned a melody I'd never thought I could play. Demonstrating the arpeggio was the key for me. (the video)"

David Johnston, United States

"I haven't used your books, but the mini course was great. I like to focus like that on learning projects. Your party was terrific also..."

Jack Bertman, United States

"Allow me.......... Robin Nolan is the primo GJG (Gypsy Jazz Guitar) teacher. He's been doing this before anyone else, plus he makes it simple for the absolute beginner. Robin is THE source! - webmaster@gypsyjazzguitar.com"

Don Price, United States

"Swing de Paris has given me a new direction to pursue in my guitar playing. I have always been an amateur rhythm guitar player and Gypsy Jazz has rekindled my love for the instrument."

Daryl Wallace, Canada

"What I would say is that the approach taken in the books is an unqualified success for me personally. Not only is it easy to pick-up and instantly tangible by having the backing tracks to work with but it has also educated me musically more in one year than the previous 25. I play rhythm for a lead guitarist doing standards who rarely lets me solo due to my shortcomings. Since practicing the lead licks book every day my solo work is beginning to come together such that some of my efforts are very nearly complimented. For a non-reader of music it’s been a real boon and it helps you play better rhythm, better lead, hear the changes and feel the swing. This feeds you in other styles of music you play and the benefits are not confined to gypsy jazz. If you want to give us more Robin then bring it on."

Russell Pay, United Kingdom

"A lot of fun!"

Thomas Glöckner, Germany

"From learning how to play gypsy jazz from your books, i have also learned a great deal about playing with other people, it has given confidence to play solid rhythm and melodies and learn how to solo. Without your books, my quest to learn gypsy jazz and become a fine musician would be less evolved"

Brandon Raby, United States

"The material is very straight forward and provides the foundation to move to the next level. Listening is the key."

David Keary, United States

"Thank you for video course of Swing de Paris. The gig book is the best book for jamming."

Alex Shvechkov, Russia

"I found it very helpful, and have integrated it into my playing."

Daryl Oneill, Canada

"...I dug getting the emails. A little motivation from a player you have great respect for is almost always a good thing."

Matt Lucchesi, United States

"Robin Nolan's Book are the BEST instruction books I have ever encountered.
He has made the seemingly impossible totally doable. His Chord voicings and shapes give a really authentic sound, and his chord shapes are repeated throughout his series, so there is remarkably little to learn to gain an authentic sound. With the play along CD's it gives you a sounding board to chart progress. Bottom line, I exceeded My every expectation.
Thank You Robin Nolan"

Dennis Backstrom, United States

"I found it easy to follow, very well laid out. and it was a lot of fun."

Colin Henson, United Kingdom

"I can forsee being able to make beautiful music in this style with such good guideance and of course it all comes down to my input and practice... the first lesson though breaks it all down to simple bits that I can play without the usual frustration..."

Ernie Bridgers, United States

"...it is clear as gold that the mini course is super to use nice easy to follow tabs and chords and the video and the mp3 works good"

Jokko Descendre, Netherlands